About Us

  Seeds in the City began in Little Italy, San Diego, in 2008 as two tomato plants in a backyard that was completely shaded by a Loquat tree.


Seeds in the City, 2008


  The taste of a fresh vine ripened tomato sparked a passion that grew from three raised beds to five, a chicken coop is now in the place of the original tomatoes and the greenhouse has sent the jacuzzi packing. Through trial and error as well as many a late night reading every book on gardening and farming that I could get my hands on I learned how to grow a majority of our fruits and vegetables as well as raise chickens and a soon to be rooftop beehive. In 2010, I completed the Master Composter course and with it we implemented a compost bin in the yard as well as a worm compost bin in the kitchen.


Seeds in the City, 2011


  We’ve moved several times since our initial inception and added two new members to our family. These new additions have re-calibrated my focus to include herbal medicine. By growing our own medicinal herbs I’m able to create pure and clean treatments for all members of our family. I strive to spread a little of the joy I have found growing and raising our own food with you.

We look forward to helping you grow!

Jen & Josh





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