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Black CherryBeautiful black cherries that produced right through winter for me. Vines will need support.

Camp Joy Cherry – You will get tons of bright red 1 oz. cherries off of this very tasty heirloom variety. Sourced from an organic California farm.

Chocolate CherryDark cherry that is a favorite with the kids. More complex flavor then the sugary sweet varieties we are used to.

Chocolate Pear
– Huge numbers of unique pear shaped, black fruit appear late into the fall. This variety is a great way to get that ‘black flavor’ in one bite.

Peacevine Cherry
Bring on the peace! This cherry is very high in gamma-amino butyric acid which is known for its calming effects on the body. Also high in vitamin C and resistant to cracking.  

Sweet Treats Small Fruited
This hybrid gives you the full size rich tomato flavor in a cherry bite. Harvest when they are deep rose.

Black Beauty – Hands down the most unique tomato plant I have ever grown. Stunning foliage and fruit. Straight from Wild Boar Farm.

Chianti Rose
Gorgeous heirloom 1-2 pound slicer with thin, rose skin. Can tolerate coastal gardens and cooler summers.

German Lunchbox Tomato – German heirloom with pink/red fruit is equivalent to the size of two cherries with the same sweet flavor.

Great White – My favorite white tomato. Glowing fruit gets up to 2 pounds and has a very unique tropical flavor.

Jaunne FlammeFlame colored French heirloom with apricot sized fruit. The original Sungold but with a more complex flavor. Great for eating fresh, sauce or drying. 

Orange Banana Paste Tomato – As it turns out the best sauce tomato is orange not red. It doesn’t stop at sauce. You will also get delicious salsa and dried or canned fruit.

Principe BorgheseThe standard Italian heirloom drying and sauce tomato.

Sleeping Lady –  The only smokey brown tomato I have found that can be grown in containers. Plants get 3-4’ tall with 4-6oz fruit and produce over a longer period than most.

Super BushThis container variety produces perfect and tasty red 6oz. fruit on compact 2-3’ plants. Good disease resistance.

Whippersnapper – Bright red cherry tomato that can be grown in a container or basket. It will need support.


Ananas D’Amerique – A hard to find heirloom grown by Thomas Jefferson.  Beautiful pale green flesh is sweet and firm.

Charentais – The delicious French heirloom that usually never makes it to the fridge. Supremely fragrant, cut one in the kitchen and everyone will come in asking what you’re making . A kid favorite.

Napoli Tuscan Melon – Italian speciality striped melon that is sweet and spicy. Powdery mildew and fusarium wilt resistant. 

Prescott Fond Blanc – This is a true heirloom cantaloupe, rather rare in the states, from France although you could easily mistake it for a warty winter squash. Many consider it the best tasting French heirloom of all currently grown. Great drought tolerance.

Sensation Melon – Sweet, white fruited melon is hard to describe, I’ve heard  “one of a kind”. The 2-4 pound melons turn a light orange when ripe and are known to slip from the vine.

Sugar Cube Mini Muskmelon – First melon to sprout this year. Vine produces many super sweet, 1.5 pound grapefruit sized fruits. The perfect individual summer treat. Excellent disease resistance.

Tommy Apple Melon – This one falls right off the vine when ready to eat. Unique and special cantaloupe flavor.

Tasty Bites – We had to try this cross between the Ananas and Charentais above. The result is a 1 pound tropical flavored cantaloupe. 

California Sweet BushA container variety that gives you the more traditional sized 10-12 pound fruit we have come to love every summer.

Diana Watermelon – Beautiful 2 pound yellow watermelons with super sweet, bright pink flesh and great disease tolerance. Such a hot commodity that we only received 15 seeds this year.

Mini Love Watermelon – The dream watermelon for all of you container gardeners or those with limited space. This vine produces perfect single serving 3-6” melons with very few seeds.

Petit Yellow Watermelon – This one even produces in June gloom. A thin rind has kept it out of our markets. Now you can finally enjoy the 3-6 pound bright yellow sweet fruit.

Royal Golden Watermelon – Turns bright yellow when ready just like golden midget but much bigger. Bright pink flesh inside is super sweet.

Verona Watermelon – Large 20 -30 pound dark green watermelon with classic red flesh. The best tasting of all Black Diamond varieties. 


Cube of Butter Summer Squash – Bright yellow squash is incredibly prolific, I grow it every year. The more you pick, the more it produces.

Saffron Yellow Summer Squash – The semi-crockneck yellow squash for those with limited space. This bush will keep you well stocked.

Costata Romanesco – Prominently ribbed zucchini with light green fruit are taste winners every year. The flowers are huge, making them perfect for stuffing.

Modena Zucchini – Get ready for many glossy and smooth dark green zucchinis grown on a very upright plant. 

Bellatrix Pumpkin – The standard carving pumpkin. Bright orange 15-25 pound fruit with strong handles. 

Dark Knight PumpkinThese 8-10 pound pumpkins are so dark green they look black! Perfect for your spooky display. If left on the vine they turn light green with orange flecks. Powdery mildew resistant.

Lumina Pumpkin – Fantastic 12lb. carving pumpkin for Halloween. Bright white skin will be a standout in your display. 

Moranga – The pink pumpkin from Brazil. Squash is 4-8 pounds and delicious but also makes a great addition to your fall pumpkins display.

Porcelain Doll Pink PumpkinVery unique light pink pumpkin. Thick ribbing makes it similar to Cinderella.

Winter Luxury Pumpkin – Perfect size for pie making. It also helps that it’s world famous for its rich flavor.


Chelsea Prize – 15” thin skinned, English variety with very few seeds. Perfect for fresh eating, this strain is an all around winner. They were the first cucumbers to sprout with 100% germination. Self pollinating and scab resistant. Sold out everywhere, we have a handful of seeds.

Ronda Pickling – For those looking to pickle enough to store this one will give you loads of crispy 3” cukes. 

Shintokiwa Long Fruited – 9-12” smooth skinned Japanese cucumber is delicious fresh and can be pickled when picked small. 

Silver Slicer – Beautiful creamy white, mild slicer. Could be the best tasting fresh cucumber of them all? You tell us. Resists powdery mildew.

Tendergreen Pickling – This bitter free heirloom is perfect for those looking to make their own 5-12” pickles.


Felicity Sweet Hybrid Jalapeno – The great Jalapeno flavor we love without any of the heat.

Gourmet Orange – Beautiful large and blocky orange bells. We enjoy their crisp, sweet flavor right off of the plant!

HabanadaA sweet habanero, yes you read that right. Plants do well in containers and take up limited space in your garden. When ripe, 2-3 inch fruit turns a beautiful tangerine color.

Mini Snack Baby Belle – Compact plant and peppers. Red, yellow and orange fruits are perfect for fresh snacking or salads.

Odessa MarketSweet Russian heirloom that starts green then turns to red. Can be grown in a container and enjoyed raw, sauteed or roasted. 

Petit Marseillais – Sweet orange pepper from the South of France. Saute, eat fresh or pickle.

Violet Sparkle – Sweet heirloom pepper from Russia. Some of the most beautiful I have ever grown.

Carrot Bomb1-2” bright orange pepper similar in flavor to a mild Jalapeno. Great pickled or in salsa, kabobs or stir fry.

CozumelThis early variety pepper is mild with a little bit of tingling heat. Four inch long fruit start yellow, slowly transforming from orange to red. Flavor develops with the color, most of the heat is in the final red stage.

Hidalgo Serrano –  This serrano is slightly hotter than a Jalapeno and works perfectly in salsa, hot sauce or pickled. 

Jalisco Jalapeno – 3” tall plants give you plenty of fruit for all of your traditional Jalapeno recipes. 


Ashwagandha – Seed saved from our own 2 year old parent plant. This Indian ginseng has too many positive attributes to list.

Genovese Basil – Sweet Italian large leaf heirloom known as the only and best for pesto. 

Holy Basil (Tulsi) – Wonder herb for culinary and medicinal use.

Italian Large Leaf Basil – A large leaf variety well suited for small spaces or containers. Great for your fresh basil recipes. 

Caribe Cilantro – We chose this variety based on the fact that it’s slow to bolt in our warmer summers giving you many more months of fresh cilantro. 

CherimoyaSeedlings from our first fruit harvest. I haven’t yet seen this fruit in stores, possibly because it’s so soft and cannot be shipped. Fruit is custard like in texture and flavor. A favorite among all and full of great nutrients.

ElecampaneMake room for this 7’ medicinal plant with beautiful yellow flowers.

MarshmallowOfficial culinary and medicinal plant with the added benefit of beautiful flowers.
MoringaThis dwarf variety packs 46 antioxidants, 18 amino acids and protein into many nutty flavored tiny leaves. Many reputed health benefits. Well suited for containers, will want to winter indoors.

Oregano – Official culinary and medicinal plant.

Stinging Nettle Very important nutrient packed plant. 

Thyme – Official culinary and medicinal plant.

ValerianOfficial culinary and medicinal plant.

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