Buying Plants at the Nursery

On a recent trip to local nurseries with a friend who was looking for drought resistant plants to complete her design I stopped over in the vegetables to check out the varieties. We stopped by one of the major home improvement stores as well two of the most popular nurseries in town. I was shocked by what I found, from the mega store to the small family owned stores the plants were in a sad state. I watched as people searched through the selections to find healthy plants. It made me think of all the times I have heard people say “I just don’t have a green thumb”, well no one would if they started off with sick and stressed plants!

Flowering Tomatoes

When selecting nursery plants try your best to choose plants in the variety that you want that are NOT flowering. If this task is impossible remove all flowers right after you plant it. Under no circumstances should you purchase plants that are already setting fruit. When a young seedling has been living in tight, cramped quarters on a shelf for too long it will start to flower. At this point the plant has received the message that it will not be able to mature and it rushes to bear fruit in order to essentially produce seed which will ensure its continued existence. All of this energy should have been going into developing healthy roots and a strong structure. The gardener will be the one to pay the price for these unhealthy, overgrown plants with lackluster production and high susceptibility to disease. Also plants brought home with signs of disease can put your whole garden at risk.

Start off on the right foot by selecting plants that are bright green with no signs of discoloration or pests and you are sure to have bountiful harvest this season.

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