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Invasive weeds got you down?

We have weeds growing in several inaccessible places in the yard. They usually grow unchecked simply because we do not see them until they are towering over us, this Godzilla of weeds actually turned out to be more like a weed tree. Well now that Josh has gotten a week off he decided to attack these trees which actually required a chainsaw.

Being the clever guy that he is, he wanted to make use of this weed instead of sending it off to the landfill. I left him with a pile of sticks on the ground and returned to this…

I was floored to say the least and when he wasn’t looking I threw a couple of weed seeds back into the pit from which it came envisioning new trellises for my beans and cucumbers. Maybe someday he will tell us how this came out of that giant weed.

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