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Attack of the Potatoes

Okay recently in one corner of the garden I couldn’t help but notice that everytime I turned around the potato plants seemed to be growing. I thought that it must just be a mistake because they were already bearing down on the 2 foot mark and the guide said they would be 1-2 feet tall. Mind you they started at the bottom of a 6 inch trench. I checked for flowers everyday as a sign that they were slowing down because frankly I just didn’t allot that much space in the bed for the potatoes.

Well today they are just three inches shy of 3 feet tall and FINALLY a flower. I can only hope that this is some sort of signal that they have ceased their upward and outward takeover and will now focus on the actual potatoes. If anyone has found a way to send a message to your plants that that will be quite enough, there is no more room for you, please share. I have a couple more renegades that didn’t seem to get the memo.


  1. Curbstone Valley Farm says:

    Well, at least your potatoes look very happy! We're experimenting with them in tubs this year, as half the garden is currently 'under construction', and I didn't really have another place to put them. They look as good as yours though. I hope with all the growth, this means you'll have a fabulous potato harvest this year!

  2. Curbstone Valley Farm says:

    …sorry, should read our DON'T look as good as yours…need more coffee 😛

  3. Urban Dirt Girl says:

    Your tators look very content. Thats always a good sign. We put in a potato bed this year and they are off running too. Maybe its a good year for them or something. No flowers on mine yet though so you are ahead of me. Yummy home grown potatoes… good!

  4. Anna, The Lemon Lady says:

    Well, if you get too many potatoes, you can always call me! or share with a food bank. 🙂

    Cute blog – just wanted to tell you so.