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San Diego Wildflowers

Are in bloom all over the city. Lupines are popping up everywhere I look, even lining the freeways. Because of the good amount of rain this year all the hillsides seem to be bursting with color. You must get out and see this before the summer heat takes it’s toll. You don’t have to venture very far, all of these pictures were taken within 10 miles of Downtown San Diego!

This trail can be accessed at the north end of Regents off of the 52 freeway. It is part of Rose Canyon, at the site of the proposed Regents Road Bridge.


  1. Urban Dirt Girl says:

    Hey JT, they are beautiful! Thank you for sharing, Michaela

  2. Curbstone Valley Farm says:

    Beautiful! I've noticed lots of Sky Lupine and California Poppies around town here the last couple of weeks. I think our wet winter has helped make the spring blooms that much more spectacular this year. I agree, a definite must see.