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Another great use for eggshells

So this might gross out some of you but after enjoying our chickens eggs we dry out the shells, crunch them up and feed them back to our mostly lovely ladies. It provides them with calcium as well as a little bit of grit. Lately we have had so many eggshells that the extras have been making it into the compost bin, which is where I’m sure most of yours go but did you know they also can benefit your garden in another way?

If you crush them, then soak them for 24 hours you can pour the water right onto your plants to provide much needed calcium. This is especially beneficial to tomatoes and peppers.

Thanks Jerry!

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  1. Rachel says:

    We save ours, crush them up and put them around our tomatoes and peppers since our soil is deficient in calcium. We had issues with an egg eater so we have to be really careful what we give them.