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Where are your seeds coming from?

As the planting season ramps up this spring I have been very excited to purchase all my seeds, some varieties that have worked well in the past and others that I have never tried. Trying to be a truly organic, self-sufficient gardener can be exhausting as there is so much research to be done and the amounts of information can be overwhelming. Despite this, if it’s important to you to know where your food comes from then you logically you would start with the origin of your seeds. Take time to research the different seed companies, you may need to order via catalog or online but I know the satisfaction I feel when I’m informed makes all the little hassles worth it. Here is a select few out of thousands:

Seeds of Change = owned by Mars Inc.
Johnny’s = Privately owned, fazing out seeds provided by Monsanto owned company
High Mowing Seeds = Privately owned, organic, gmo free
Victory Seed Company = Privately owned, non-hybrid, no chemicals, gmo free
Territorial Seeds = Privately owned, fazing out Monsanto influence
Fedco Seeds = Dropped all ties to Monsanto
Seed Savers Exchange =  Non-profit seed bank
Botanical Interest = Privately owned

This is not to say that any of the above mentioned companies are bad or good, it’s just a reminder to choose seeds and seedlings from like minded companies.

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