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To Cut or Not To Cut?

The Desiree Red Potatoes were ready to be planted today after sitting out for two weeks and we labored over whether to cut the larger potatoes before planting. Many garden books advise you to cut the potatoes and roll them in root tone or soil sulfur and then plant. This way you get more out of what you plant even though some research indicates bigger harvest when they aren’t cut.

I talked to the professionals at two different local nurseries and both advised against the cut. They explained that San Diego soil already has high alkalinity and you’re inviting mildew and fungus when you cut. We decided not to cut and 5 went in the ground today. Seed Savers recommended digging a 6″ trench and burying them sprout up under 4″ of soil. As the plants grow they recommend covering them with soil until you have a mound. As soon as I have mounds I will post a new picture.

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