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From the soil to the sky

I realized today that we really had a problem when it dawned on me that I was so familiar with these pest that I no longer had issues with picking them up with my bare hands. These beetle larvae better known to us as White Grubs can be found in every one of our raised beds. I have attempted to thwart them with the equally as gross Predatory Nematodes, however I’m now ready to relinquish my false sense of having the upper hand.

Although research is still being done to determine levels of effectiveness, Pat Welsh recommended Milky Spore Disease at yesterdays seminar. I did a little bit of research and came across an article where Dr. Klein, Adjunct Professor of Entomology enlightened me about “Milky Disease” a natural occurring organism found in soil. For Milky Disease to be effective in getting rid of the White Grubs your soil needs to be above 65 degrees and the grub has to be actively feeding in order to ingest it. Which is why Dr. Klein recommends that you apply it in the summer or early fall. Also Milky Disease only needs to be applied once and don’t worry it only effects the White Grubs. For those of you eager to get rid of the Spring grubs you’re supporting keep in mind that they are entering the last stages of metamorphosis and will be taking flight soon in order to initiate airborne attacks.

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